Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Desperately Seeking Focus.

I'd like to go to bed.

But I can't.

I'm just too busy. I've been positively swamped this whole week. Work has been nuts and it seems my personal life is even nuttier. Sometimes when things get too overwhelming I like to do as Thoreau said and "simplify, simplify." I find that notes help. I think through my tasks and write them down. Then I don't have to spend energy remembering them and it helps me to prioritize.

Because this is my blog (which means I can do whatever I want with it), and because pretty much no one reads it, I'm going to take a moment to list the accomplishments of my week and also jot down some tasks that I have yet to finish. Maybe this will help me focus.

1. Plan a weekend workout with Richard Simmons. Place, time, group. All this coordinating that needs to be done!

2. Plan a costume to wear to "Purim in the Chood." Purim (which is Monday) is a Jewish festival that requires you to dress up and drink yourself into a stupor that makes it impossible to tell your friends from your enemies. I want it to involve glitter and be somewhat offensive. The costume, not the drinking. I'm not sure how to make drinking glittery and offensive.

3. Create a cubed Barack Obama.

4. Learn how to say "I eat dead babies" in Korean.

5. Learn a new pick up line (that would TOTALLY work on me, btw): "I like pudding. Can I get your number?"

6. Send video facebook messages with my new computer that allows me to speak in a deep voice and turn into a werewolf.

7. Download Open Office and Foxit Reader, as well as iTunes and Mozilla Firefox, to my aforementioned new computer.

8. Spend some quality time with my bff Miss Mags, who I haven't had much time with lately.

9. Clean up Miss Mags' hairball barfs from my bed (which she's done twice this week).

UPDATE: three times

10. Join to get my finances in order.

11. Learn a new joke! "What's a pirate's favourite letter?" "Q. Because it has a pegleg."

12. Play with utensils made from corn, and marvel at it's ability to bend, be a utensil, a fuel, AND a delicious side dish.

13. Decide if I want to take on a labour-intensive project that could help my old camp make a lot of money.

14. Revel in the fact that my space bar works.

And it's only WEDNESDAY!

So, as you can see, I've been bogged down with really important things lately, which has kept me from other important things like focusing on my Lenten goals (although I haven't eaten any dessert or overt sugars) and writing in my blog.

I really need to get it together.


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  1. Think of all the things you would not have learned/done if not for CAST