Sunday, March 1, 2009

Los Angeles, I'm yours.

LA gets a bad rap. I've always loved this town. Yeah, it's filled with weirdos and freaks, but really, what town isn't? We're just a little more honest about it.

I was in Beverly Hills this morning and decided to take the long way home, since it was such a nice day. I thought about maybe just doing a few loops around the residential streets to see if I could find the grandma statue. (I'll find it again one day and post about it, but I think I've already mentioned that residents of Bev. Hills have odd taste in art.) But instead decided it had been much too long since I'd gone down the PCH, so I drove up to Sunset Blvd. to the PCH to get home. Along the way I was thinking about how much I love it here and just kind of falling in love all over again. So I decided to come here and present to you:

Reasons I love Los Angeles (the long way home version):

1. Sunset Blvd to the PCH smells like flowers.

2. There are motorcyclists everywhere (because the weather is AWESOME) and if you're part of the brotherhood (like I am, even though I just have a scooter, albeit a bad ass scooter) you can give and get the special motorcyclists wave while you drive, so you feel like you're a part of something bigger.

3. When you get close enough to the ocean, you can tell its there even if you can't see it, because the wind gets a little colder and you can start to smell the salt in the air.

4. People practice driving (riding?) their Segways in beach parking lots.

5. People actually own Segways. I mean, wtf is that about? Silly Angelenos!

6. The city is big enough that you can get wrapped up in your own neighbourhood and then you're driving one day and you're all, "Omg - Pacific Palisades! I forgot this was here. So pretty!"

7. You can drive down the highway and it's 80 degrees and you look up and there are snow-capped mountains.

8. You can actually go and play in that snow and then drive around in the 80 degree weather the very next day, like I did this weekend.

9. Douchebags drive around in cars that are low to the ground and are really loud, and it's like someone with a bull horn yelling, "Douchebag here!" and you can laugh at them.

10. Did I mention that the weather is AWESOME?

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  1. Don't forget the cool high-speed chases on the news each night.