Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Forever Your Girl

omg I haven't posted in FOREVER.

I have lots to catch you up on, but for the moment, I want to talk about awesome restaurant names. I came across this one today:

Burgers and Cupcakes

Um, drool.

Another great one is "Burgers and Beer" in Indio. Extra points for it being in the shape of a castle.

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True story - I was in La Quinta (pretty much right near Indio) and I was like, "I really just want a burger and a beer" and I went to a gas station to ask a local where to go and they sent me to Red Robins. The next day I drove past Burgers and Beer and was all, "Are you kidding me? Wouldn't this place be the first place you'd think of when someone says they want 'burgers and beer'?" I was a little disappointed at missing my big opportunity (I mean, come on. Look at the place. You know it has to be awesome inside. Like Medieval Times, but with burgers), but I'm determined to get back to the desert someday and Burgers and Beer will def. be on my agenda.

I have an idea for an all-nacho bar/restaurant (the specialty if which, other than nachos of course, would be my special slushy margaritas) called Nacho Nachos, but the aforementioned restaurants really inspire me to think bigger. Think of the opportunities!

Bacon and Chocolate
Bacon and Mashed Potatoes
Potatoes and Cheese
Whiskey and Ribs
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
Beer and Wings

I really need to get in the restaurant business. I'd be, like, a kabillionaire.

P.S. - I would be remiss if I didn't mention Bakesale Betty's in Oakland, CA. The name isn't all that exciting, but they sell fried chicken sandwiches. FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICHES!!! And also, they sell the best strawberry shortcake I've ever had. A shout out to Kyle and Sarah who decided my going there was a must.

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