Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Tuesday. Sick Wednesday.

Today is my first official day of no sugar for Lent. I did, however, go all of yesterday without any, except for the pancakes I had for dinner. Which may sound like a lot of sugar (what with the syrup and all), but for me, it was a ridiculously small amount of sugar. It made me feel a little off and by the end of the day, made me come to a realization.

I'm going to be a huge bitch for the next 40 days.

I'm reading this book called The Sugar Addicts Total Recovery Program (or something like that) and it talks about how some people are sugar-sensitive and how eating sugar raises our beta-endorphins and how that that makes us feel good. The author mentions that you shouldn't go cold turkey off the hard stuff and that you're mood will most likely change a lot. Maybe I should have prepped for this better.

But, knowing me, I'm sure if I had prepped I would have already given up. As I told a friend recently - It's going to take doing it for the Son of God to get me off sugar.

I should probably never try hard drugs.

I also started the other part of the Lenten package - the taking on of something. In my case - "giving portions to those for whom nothing is prepared." I sent a check to Peterkin, the camp I went to for forever. Not a big bold move so far, but hey - Lent hadn't even started yet. I also should have been sending them money for years now, but they don't have the greatest development department (or one at all), so I haven't been getting any fun direct mailings or eblasts about how I need to donate. I've been meaning to send them money for years, so I guess it was a step to remember to do it.

I'll take it a bit further and post the link so that YOU can donate too! Not that you will, and not that anyone reads this blog, but why not take the next step, right?

I'll add that Peterkin is totally amazing, and could use the money (more than almost any other organization I could think of), and camp has really helped shaped the lives of tons of people that I know. And me. So, if you've decided that your Lenten offering is to take on "things that Rachel tells me to do," you can start today with a donation.

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