Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I believe the children are our future.

I lead a small group of senior high aged kids every other Wednesday. I think there's supposed to be some sort of curriculum or something, but mainly we just eat pizza and laugh. Occasionally people will ask me what we talk about that's so funny and I can never really answer them. Here's a smattering of quotes from the evening. As you will see, it's all over the place, which is why I can never explain to people what we talk about for 2 hours.

"And then we all got churros and cuddled."

"That's good poo."

"Well, like if there was a Care Bear side of the island."

"I'm giving up forest fires and pancakes for Lent."

"I don't stalk. I prey."

There was also talk of tying a kitchen timer to a string in order to pretend to be a rattlesnake.

Maybe they should consider NOT letting me be in charge of children.

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