Thursday, February 19, 2009

hot or not dot org

Part of the reason I took my current job is because I wanted to get into the nonprofit sector. I knew that would mean learning a bunch of jargon and I knew that holding an administrative position at a company that consults for NPO's (nonprofit organizations) would mean getting the opportunity to be around the terms a lot.

Now that I've been there a while, I feel like I could hold a conversation with an Executive Director or Director of Development and not feel like a complete moron. I also feel like I've heard enough new vocabulary to vomit in my mouth a little every time I hear a term repeated. I hate jargon from every industry (in fact, I really hate the WORD jargon, as well as jargon itself), but when you hear one branch of it over and over...whew. Today I hit the point where I thought it was time to pull out my Hot Words and Not Hot Words list. I've been collecting words for a couple of years now, adding to it here and there, but I really feel the need to publicly display it once again, with some new words added.

Not Hot Words - the Nonprofit Version sees the addition of glean, vet/vetted/vetting, and "packaged asks," among others.

Without further ado, I present to you "Hot Words and Not Hot Words."


irascible loquacious colloquial lugubrious mellifluous obsequious obstreperous petulant profundity propinquity pusillanimous leiderhosen Saskatchewan Abu Dhabi Leichtenstein Azerbaijan mai tai quandary quibble acquiesce quotidian indubitably cupcake ruffian salubrious stygian transubstantiation supercilious tangential teetotaler thwart truculence turpitude ubiquitous umbrage undulate verisimilitude whimsical whippersnapper writ of habeous corpus aberration uvula Midlothian equatorial abjure abscond obtuse abysmal alacrity whilst amongst ambidextrous ameliorate apotheosis onomatopoeia apropos ascertain belligerent bequest bequeath cantankerous balderdash chicanery conciliatory inconsequential conundrum queue tangible cornucopia cryptic curmudgeon debacle denouement diaphanous ecumenical effluvia epicurean equilibrium exuberance heinous fidget fracas hoi polloi jai alai hoodwink idiosyncrasy impecunious holla hella perpetual unbeknownst Pikachu bitch poop wtf goo shiny whatnot fine china Lee Iacocca Chubby Bunny Pumpernickel copacetic Chupacabra Ginko Baloba escatalogical vouchsafe beseech thee thou thy primal circa Wonderland


irk vole stipple tipple vacillation Gurnsey warmonger wean keepsake crockery panty danish Moldova ilk vulva balk yolk bilge earthenware feckless plaque blog journey bling-bling extreme gender lol ought (when said meaning zero - like "Back in ought-five.") fo-shizzle nine-eleven verbage Sportage township caulk Robinsons-May McKeesport Weirton creamery Mingo Junction nosegay puss municipal rural Moyak Currytuck Braintree Government Center Alewife Lechmere glean vet/vetted/vetting packaged asks apples-to-apples comparison synergy cross-pollinate prowess grantmaker think-tank convene jargon sleuthing

Feel free to comment and add your hot or not words.

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  1. Not Hot words, compliments of the pharma trade-press: Webinar, charticle, fospropofol, gout, payor, spend (when used as a noun), bristol-myers squibb, CABG (as in "coronary artery bypass graft" which they pronounce "cabbage" as in "cabbage surgery" as in Ewwwwwww), pulvules, methylnaltrexate.

    Hot words: pharmacokinetic, Exubera, pharmacovigilance, fibromyalgia, natalizumab, Latisse.

    I'm happy to see so many Boston T stops made the not-hot list. here here.